How to add an agents and manage profiles

For Teams: If your site was built before 2017, editing agent bios may be done by editing pages & sub-pages under the ABOUT or TEAM pages. Click here to read how to do this. For most sites built in or after 2017, your bios can be modified under the Agents module. The tutorial below will show you how to use this module.

For individual Realtors®: If you are an individual Realtor®, your can change your bio and photo under the ABOUT page in your Content Pages list, just as you would change any other content page. Click here to read how to do this.

#1. Start by finding the "Agents" button under the "Manage People" section on the top menu of your website backend.


#2. Once you click on it, you will get into the Agents management page. Now click "Add New Agents" button.


Let's fill the information.

A. Start to add the full name, full bio and work & background for the agent information in "About" section.


B. Second, add agent's basis and media contact info in the "Connect" section. This information is important because it helps the agents build stronger business relationships.


C. The SEO section is a small synopsis of the agent for Search Engine Optimization. Filling this in is optional.


D. Once you have finished DON'T FORGET to click "Update this Agent" at the bottom of the page.



Edit information, Photo & Attachments and Remove an Agent

How to Edit Information

1. To edit the Information of an agent just click the "Edit" buttom


2. When you finish to update the information, don't forget to click "Update this Agent" at the bottom of the page.


How to Upload Photos & Attachments

1. Click "Photo & Attachments".



2. Click the box of "Select or Drag and Drop"; then, select the photo(s) that you want to update from your computer.


3. When you select the picture click the button "Crop to Selection".


4. To finish, click "Back to The List" and you're done!

How to remove an Agent

To remove an agent, you just have to click the red button next to Edit.