Website Settings

Your Name, address, phone # and other basic

Having the right contact information on your website is critical to not missing out on a lead. On Brixwork websites you are able to update the names, phone numbers and email addresses you prefer to display throughout your website easily. You can also update your social media account URLs, office address etc.

How to Enter this information

#1. Start by logging in to the backend of your website. Usually the login is your domain followed by /admin (, then click "Enter Your Website". Our team should have sent the username & password to you by now. If not, please contact our support centre.


#2. On the top of the menu bar click "Settings". 


#3. Once you find the Settings List page, you will see the different settings (Site Settings, Contact Settings, Listing Settings, Search Settings, Social Settings, Tracking Settings, Custom Settings) that you need to fill in. Click on one of them to edit the information that you want. It should be done one by one.


#4. After you finish to edit the first listing, press "Save & Next" (at the bottom of the page) to pass to the next listing Settings. Repeat the process with every tab to change all of your basic information.


Note: If you want to change to another list Setting option without making any changes in the current one, just click the option “leave this page” and then pick the list that you want to edit.