How you can update the Main Image of any Page

Updating the main image of a page is easy. Make sure you understand how the main image of a page is designed, and how it's meant to work. 

The First step that you will do is log into your admin panel, go to the Pages section and click "Content Pages".


In the title of the page that you wish to upload the picture (for example, Home), then click the Attach button.


Once under this screen, follow the steps below. 


  1. First, click on the box for "Select Drag or Drop" button and choose a .jpg image you wish to upload from your computer. 
  2. Once the file is uploaded (you'll see a progress bar), this will show on the screen below the buttons. 
  3. You're not done yet - the image has to be pre-cropped in order to fit the page properly. Remember that the "main image" of each page has pre-set dimensions set by our design team, and this is not something customers can override. 
  4. Using the cropping square tool, select the area you wish to keep. 
  5. When the area is set, click the "Crop the Selection" button. 
  6. To finish, Click on "Back to the List"