Apart from the images that you can embed into the text content of a page directly, most BRIXWORK website pages have one main image area designated. This image area will have a pre-set dimension, and is part of the page design, so it's not as flexible in order to preserve a clean & professional look.

Some pages have a design that incorporate a wide landscape image on top of the page. Others have a section for a portrait image on the side.

Example of a landscape Image

For example, this page under Rhiannon Foster's front page, the main image goes across the top of the page, and is pre-set to be 940 X 300 pixels at all times.


Example of a Portrait Image

On the other hand, some pages will have a portrait size image pre-set. Look at Jack Ying's "About Me" page, and you'll see a good example of a large portrait area. 


How do I update the image on my own?

Changing the image is easy. Please follow this support article on how to change the main image attached to a page

How do I change the image dimensions? 

You can't. Because the image dimensions of a page is a critical element of the pristine design & layout of a page, the BRIXWORK design team will have to adjust this manually for you. Please send us a support ticket through the link to the right hand side of this article.