Submit Content & Edit Subpages

Example: Submit Content in "About me" Page

#1- Submit the content is pretty simple. Start by logging in to the backend of your website. On the top of the heading, click on "Pages", then click "Content Pages".



#2- Once you have opened that link, there is a list of pages that will be included in your website. For example, let's try with the "About Me" page

First, click the "Edit" tag (the yellow button on the right).


After that, you will be able to enter your content.


#3. Once you have entered all the content, click on "Update this Page" at the bottom of the page. 

You can use this same process for all your pages.


Edit your Subpages

#1. On your list of Pages, you can now click on the icon "+" next to the "Meet Me" page. You will see your subpages:

In this step you can:

  • Edit the existing subpages repeating the same process that you've learned above; or
  • Add a new subpage clicking on "+ Add Subpage"; or 
  • Create new topics into the current subpages by clicking on the hyperlink. It means that you will have the second level of subpages. For example, each testimonial that you will submit will be a different topic into the subpage "Testimonials".


#2. For example, to "edit" your "Testimonials's subpage", the screen below will appear. Here you will enter the content that you want (Page Content, More Content & Customs Fields, SEO").


#3. To finish the process click on "Update this Page" at the bottom of the page. Repeat the process with all the subpages.