In this article, we will cover how to edit (format) the text styles within your article. Things we will cover are: bold, italic underline and utilizing different headings.

To start out with, log into your Wordpress blog and open one of your posts that you would like to adjust, or create a new one.

Bellow I have typed out some text in the standard paragraph form.

If you wish to bolden your text, the blue "B" button will achieve this by clicking on it after you highlight your text.

If you wish you italicize your text, click on the "I" button to the "B"s right.
To underline the text, press "Command" and "U".
You can utilize as many of these at one time that you wish.

To change text to a heading or subheading. Click on the "Paragraph" drop down menu.

You can scroll down for more options. If you click on "Heading 1," this is what it will look like from the backend. 

And here is with "Heading two." They do not look entirely different here but can be very different when viewed from the front end of your site, where your clients will see it.

If you wish to see what the text looks like to your clients, click preview on the right hand side of the page, near the publish button.

Those are just a few of the things that you can do to format your article and make it unique and visually interesting.