To start off with, if you do not know what DISQUS is, here is a link to our brief article about the plugin. 

The next step is to create a DISCUS account (if you do not already have one): 

Visit When you sign up, create a new account using the email address at your domain.

Like ---- NOT a or account. 

Once you have entered your domain email, a username and a password... click Next Step!

You will now be asked to enter your website domain (like, your "Disqus URL" and the category of your website.

For your "Disqus URL" it is fine to use your domain name but be sure to leave out the WWW. and .COM.

From then "FINISH REGISTRATION" and you will be taken to this page:

If you click on the "WORDPRESS" blue circle, it will take you to a directions page.

Now you need to install the DISQUS plug-in on your Wordpress blog.

Install the Plug-In to Wordpress: 

Log in to your Wordpress account using your username & password. Your log in is generally located at www.[yourdomain].com/blog/wp-admin. 

For a detailed description of how to install a plugin on your Wordpress blog visit this article. 

To activate and configure the Plug-In: 

Find your way to the dashboard on the left side of your wordpress backend. If you hover over "COMMENTS" you will see "All Comments" and "Disqus".

To configure the plug in, follow the steps, beginning with the Username and Password that you created with DISQUS at the beginning of this article.

When you forge this link, the plugin will then be activated to use DISQUS as the comments gateway for all comments and reactions on your blog articles on the domain in question.