FIRST, proceed with caution! Plug-ins can be beneficial but can also cause problems with your site. Most problems can be fixed by simply deactivating a plug-in, as it will undo everything. 

**BRIXWORK is NOT responsible for any problems that occur after installing a plug-in that has NOT been suggested on our support portal. We cover tech support on our recommended plug-ins only. Unrecommended plug-in technical issues can be fixed for an hourly rate.

That being said, if you wish to continue, find the "Plugins" section on the left hand side of your blog.


Click on "Add New" at the top.


Now you are here. If the plugin you're looking for doesn't appear on the first page, use the search bar on the right.


Once you've found the plugin you want, click on it.
Then click on "Install Now" at the bottom-right corner.


It will take you here where you should click on: Activate Now.



Deactivating a plug-in is even easier.

You first have to deactivate a plugin before you can delete it.
Go to "Installed Plugins" under "Plugins". Then, below the plug-in that you wish to remove, click on "Deactivate" 


Now you can click "Delete" and be rid of it forever!


Or until you re-install it. Now that you know how.