Send People Directly To Your Own Listing Page!


"Listing detail pages" are the end-level pages that show the full details of a real estate listing on your website.

Our BRIXWORK Real Estate Website software offers a function to download a QR code directly from our back-end, so that anybody with a QR reader on their mobile devices can go straight to the property details page. 

This is a great feature to add to your feature sheets, open house presentation sheets, booklets, signs and more. 
This is especially great for open houses. People who take the brochure that contains the QR code can later scan it with their smart phones to view your website. 


Where to find the QR Code Of Listings

You can use the MLS® search toolbar, or use the "Listings" section to look at the listings and fetch the QR codes of any MLS® listing. The QR Code link is available by clicking the QR Code icon () on a listing item under the Admin section, either from the dashboard's Featured Homes section, or the actual Homes section. Just look for the icon. 

Now step by step:

#1 Go to "Manage listings" on the top menu bar and click on "listings". Beside each listing you'll find the button "View on Site" and right beside it one with a little square. Click on that one.

#2 Once the QR code opens up on your browser, you can download the image by either dragging it to a folder on your computer, or right-clicking the image and selecting "Download Image" (or equivalent message depending on the type of computer you have).

Then you can use that QR code on your word processor, or print the image by itself and leave it on the kitchen countertop during your next open house in case somebody wants to open up the listing detail page.