Add an MLS® Listing That is Not Your Own

**Note: this article applies only to customers who are subscribed to the MLS® Reciprocity service by BRIXWORK. Not available in all areas, please inquire for more details.

You are able to include MLS® Reciprocity listings in your pool of "Featured" listings. Featured listings are generally shown on the homepage, as well as the "Featured Listings" section of your listings dropdown menu. Individual settings differ between websites. 

A. To do this, first log into your Admin panel of your BRIXWORK website. In your Listings click on the "Listings" section.


B. In your Listings Page click on "Add New Listing"


C. Enter the MLS® number and then click the "Scan MLS®" button. The system will attempt to retrieve listings that match your query. 


D. Click on "Convert to my Own" or "Feature Another Agent's" depends of the case (read the message in the box). Sometimes MLS® listings may take up to 2 days to appear on the public networks.